If you have developed some interest in the Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight, you will have discovered from any Shadowhawk X800 review that the flashlight has unmatched features. Now you wish to know fact from sales hype, and this is what this review has for you.

What does it matter that this is a Tactical Military Flashlight?

A tactical gadget comes highly recommended for military and police personnel. Such a gadget must be state of the art in durability, portability and functionality like the Shadowhawk flashlight. Shadowhawk tactical flashlight serves well in high-security situations where visibility and accuracy are paramount for safety and survival.

The manufacturer claims to be among the few in the industry exclusively using the revolutionary XPE 800 Lumen Light Bulb in flashlights. Most bright light bulbs produce around 120 lumens, and that’s adequately bright, but Shadowhawk’s bulb comes in with an 800 illuminating power lumen diode bulb. Such light is over 40 times the light of incandescent bulbs which makes Shadowhawk’s glare blinding to a foe and ultimately illuminating in times of need.

The ability to zoom in 2000 times on an object further enhances precision especially for light on shooting using this taclight. Of course, information on the flashlight being a favourite among armed and security personnel may not be readily available to the public, as military operations remain classified, but the taclight’s features speak volumes about its suitability for tactical military exercise.

Extra Shadowhawk X800 features Reviewed

Unrivalled versatility is what Shadowhawk offers you. The strobe element which is memory coded has different lighting options: low, medium and high and the SOS component which enables you to send out distress signals visible within a range of 2 miles. The tried and tested features confirm the flashlight is completely waterproof, and this makes it ideal for deep water visibility.

Furthermore, the flashlight aircraft aluminium casing among other parts shows Shadowhawk X800 built this one to last at least 10 years without requiring constant replacement of batteries and bulbs. The 3 triple AAA batteries are rechargeable, unlike batteries from ordinary flashlights. Another money saving inclusion is the XPE 800 Lumen light bulb which guarantees you more than 100.000 lamp life hours without burning out.

Even if you are not into self-defense exercise, you could find yourself in a situation requiring it. Hitting out with the crenellated bezel on this device will stun any attacker whether human or animal to allow you time for flight or opportunity to overpower your opponent. It comes in a compact packaging which makes it an easy daily carry flashlight for anyone in any given situation. If you feel frustrated that ordinary flashlights which are small enough to carry in your pouch are too small to give adequate light, Shadowhawk X800 will offer you a combination of portability and lighting efficiency you desire.