ShadowhHawk X800 flashlightThe state of security in society and the need to secure yourself and your family confirms that the Shadowhawk X800 flashlight is a smart device whose time has come in the American society. Threats arising from terrorist attacks, burglaries and muggings show that the ordinary American needs more resources to remain safe in dangerous situations. Likewise, security personnel acknowledge the advancement of criminals in accessibility to innovative technology and weapons in their activities. For this reason, you must invest in smart, affordable and durable high-performance safety gadgets wherever you are.

Built with such situations in mind, the Shadowhawk tactical flashlight doubles as weapon thanks to the crenulated bezel with which you can either strike opponents or break windows, hence its tactical quality. To ensure precision in any situation requiring focus, the Shadowhawk X800 flashlight has adjustable beam focus of up to 2000 times zoom. Zooming means you can adjust the light intensity to bring into focus objects which are in the distance or out of the scope of the flashlight’s beam. Additionally, the lighting intensity ranges from high, medium and low, to the SOS feature which sends out clear distress signals over 2 miles in any weather.

Ordinary flashlights lack durability due to denting, scratches and cracks on the casing after a period of use. The Aircraft aluminium casing is rust and scratch resistant which keeps the flashlight looking new for long, considering this is one possession that will serve you faithfully for years. The waterproofing aspect quality further enhances this as the ideal all-weather companion. Even with complete submersion for 30 minutes and up to 6 meters depth, or usage in the outdoors in a thunderstorm, this discounted high-end taclight remains intact.

Every flashlight user eventually has to think about what it takes to keep such a high-performance flashlight powered. Shadowhawk has not disappointed as the 3 triple AAA batteries last long and has a rechargeable option. The bulb lasts literary forever as it gives over 100,000 lamp hours which accumulates to about 10 years. Its light is over 40 times brighter than that of incandescent bulbs and at least 6 times that of fluorescent bulbs.

Lumen lighting drastically shoots up the cost of a flashlight, as such, the bulb not only ensures prolonged lamp hours but also gives a blasting glare yet the price is highly discounted. You may argue that taclights use diode bulbs, but Shadowhawk X800 flashlight is the only gadget of the kind on the market fitted with the XPE800 lumens diode bulb.

This small flashlight will comfortably and discreetly fit in your hand, pocket, purse and glove compartment just like a cell phone. The foam and leather case packaging from the manufacturer will ensure safe transportation and storage of the flashlight and its accessories. Shadowhawk X800 flashlight is the game changer in providing affordable state of the art lighting and security solutions for the ordinary citizen. Take advantage of the discount offer and make your order to enjoy this military technology and remain safe.