Shadowhawk X800: The Ultimate Multipurpose Tactical Flashlight

X800 FlashlightThe need of superior quality and reliable light doesn’t require any emphasis. In fact, many bad things happen in darkness. Security threats lie everywhere around you and you could become a victim of a terrorist attack or domestic break in anytime. What’s more terrifying than walking a down a dark street and hearing footsteps hurrying in your direction? Your heart beats faster as you contemplate between fight or flight. But then in the darkness you can see nothing. If you happen to have a flashlight, the beam can barely light the way beyond your feet. Imagine if the same scene played out in your home where you and your family find yourselves in the midst of a power outage or disconnection with an intruder prowling your grounds or home. That is why you need the powerful Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight.

Most assailants attack under the cover of darkness. Exposure to insecurity and possible inability to protect yourself and your loved ones both indoors and outdoors remains a leading concern for Americans like you. 90% of American households lack adequate weapons and skills for survival in dangerous situations. The Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight is now not only the most popular choice, but also the most advanced tactical flashlight made to help you remain safe during any situation requiring self-defence even without any real self-defence skills such as martial arts.

How useful is a Shadowhawk X800 tactical flashlight in self-defence?

Self-defence describes any measure armed or unarmed you take to keep yourself or another person away from harm, while a tactical flashlight is a flashlight designed for police or military use. Most of such flashlights function by mounting them to weapons such as rifles and handguns. Just like the Shadowhawk X800, they are smaller and emit exceptionally more light as compared to ordinary flashlights. The Shadowhawk is a flashlight like a weapon guaranteed to make you feel safe in any situation. Although the flashlight’s design suits military use, it is now available and handy for civilian use as a personal and self-defence tool.

If you are thinking mercenary, then you feel you must put together a personal self-defence kit that’s easily accessible in times of danger and if possible, easy to carry around. Mace and a pocket knife-depending on your gender and level of risk should be sufficient but never underestimate the Shadowhawk X800 flashlight in versatility and functionality as a weapon. Besides, it will fit comfortably into your hand or pocket, and being lightweight, you can carry it with you all the time anywhere. The Shadowhawk flashlight is small and trendy enough even for a lady’s handbag and would easily fit into a purse.

In spite of the strict gun laws across America, you could be fortunate to have the use of a handgun for personal defence. In this case, you need a tactical flashlight for shooting in low-light. The flashlight helps you keep your target in sight and to monitor you gun sights in dark or poorly lit surroundings. Remember however that even with a licence to carry a gun, you might need to visit places such as aircrafts and movie theatres or other countries where regulations prohibit bringing in guns, and hence all the reason more why Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight becomes the weapon of choice.

Why Shadowhawk X800 Flashlight is the best survival flashlight

Does all this mean that the Shadowhawk X800 is useless in a non-emergency situation? Most certainly not. Power supply does go out, sometimes for extended periods and you need such a flashlight to find your way around in the dark. Or you need to find your key to your apartment or car door while standing in low or no light. Your car could get a puncture as you drive about in the darkness and you need a flashlight to attend to that efficiently. What about the camping trip where you need a flashlight to take a leak in the middle of the night? Shadowhawk X800 flashlight is as handy as versatile gets.

Shadowhawk X800 SpecificationsSo you would wonder how a simple tactical flashlight could mean the difference between life and death for you without you employing some karate chops. Shadowhawk X800 tactical flashlight guarantees you that and more.  To begin with, you can use this flashlight for armed or unarmed combat. If you shine your light into the face of anything stalking you, man or beast, it’s a signal for it to take off. A sudden flash of bright light from your torch is a surprise element that tactical defence experts confirm is crucial in disorienting a potential attacker to give you time to fight back or run away or shout for help. And you identify the attacker.

The Shadowhawk X800 flashlight is a tactical flashlight above any other in the market. It emits light from an XPE 800 Lumen LED Light Bulb. This is far above the recommended minimum 120 Lumens light output bulb needed to give a tactical light its extraordinary characteristic blinding beam. In that moment of your assailant’s disorientation, use your Shadowhawk flashlight’s strobe feature as a bezel to strike out at this foe and stun him sufficiently to overpower him. Thanks to the jagged bevelled edges on its body, a good blow will see you leave a mark on a foe which should help a lot if you were to pick out such an attacker at an identification parade. More on this is that the XPE bulb exists exclusively in the Shadowhawk flashlight only.

Sometimes varying degrees of illumination are best in surveying and responding in a dangerous situation. As you manoeuvre in such a scene, you need to briefly switch on your light, quickly scan your surroundings and switch off the light as you carefully move along. Only the Shadowhawk X800 tactical flashlight uses cutting edge technology to factor in a pre-set mode of lighting, from strobe, low, medium, high and SOS for whichever predicament you need to survive. The SOS mode marks you out and remains visible at over 2 miles away even in rainy weather. This is the flashlight you should always have with you in case you get lost or stranded far out and need rescue. Every hunter, driver, hiker and citizen should consider the features and benefits of this taclight in their everyday lives to enhance their security or survival kit for disaster preparedness.

Get Value for Your Money

The Shadowhawk X800 uses LED bulbs. These bulbs do not break easily and they are energy efficient to ensure longer battery life. Throw in the 3 triple AAA rechargeable batteries which will give you over 100,000 lamp life hours and you have a flashlight to serve you for longer than you can imagine- close to 10 years of normal use. More on durability is the military grade aluminium normally used in making aeroplanes. The anodized aluminium casing gives this flashlight the light yet strong quality which makes it withstand impact without any sign of damage.

Your grip remains firm on it with the non-slip mechanized surface to keep it from falling down often. Although this goes to becoming a prized possession in your family, its durability features ensures you can let children handle it without fear of breakage. Furthermore, the switch is easy to use and manipulate to set the zooming and strobe functions. That makes it ideal for use among those who may have mobility and joint problems and even children who may find it hard and painful to switch on the conventional flashlight.

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Zoom in with this flashlight to 2000X and if you need to aim at a target, this guarantees you perfect precision. The weather proof aspect builds on its versatility as it is water proof and remains functional in rain and submersion under water. Remember, the police and the military the Shadowhawk so take this opportunity to bank on an affordable, tested and tried product. Admittedly, this taclight is overwhelming in comparison to other traditional flashlights on the market. Considering the affordable price and no requirements needed to keep this light operational such as constant replacing of batteries and bulbs, which makes the Shadowhawk X800 the practical and cost effective solution to the problem of insecurity for America. Get this for yourself or as a valuable gift to someone you care about.

Perfect for Late Night Outdoor Activities

You might be planning the next road trip to a remote destination with your friends and family. It is true that camping is fun and the best time to experience nature at its best is late in the night. You just want to lie flat on the ground and watch the moon and the stars in the blue sky. As you enjoy the ambience in a remote location, you definitely require the assurance that nothing or no one will creep on you and disrupt your holiday. With the Shadowhawk X800 Flashlight by your side, you have nothing to worry because it is your number one outdoor partner late in the night.

Studies indicate that most people prefer camping to staying in a hotel room. If you are a lover of nature, then the next item you must ensure is packed before your next road trip is the Shadowhawk X800 flashlight. It will not only help you navigate complex terrain at night but also ensure that you are safe. Don’t take chances because anything can happen whenever you are away from your home.

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